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About Us

Firmengruender Matthias Esser
company founder
Mathias Esser

We have been providing fireproofing services for smelting and industrial furnaces for more than 60 years.

In addition to providing furnaces and combustion plant for ordinary and fine ceramics, the petrochemical industry, lime and gypsum kilns as well as refuse and biomass incinerator plant we also have extensive experience, especially in iron and steel production and processing and in the new construction and repair of smelting and holding furnaces for the nonferrous metal industry.

New installations and repairs to walking beam furnaces, rotating hearth or rotary table furnaces and annealing and forging furnaces are the kind of fireproofing work that we carry out regularly.

In the field of the fireproof construction of wood combustion plant, we work increasingly with a number of plant constructors.

New construction and repair of electric arc furnaces, blast furnaces as well as chutes, mixers, pig iron transport vessels, converters, steel and processing ladles and continuous casting distributors are an important work areas for our team.

Within the framework of full-line service contracts, we take care of the choice of fireproofing materials, material optimisation and assembly in a wide range of metallurgical facilities and at fixed price.

The fireproof linings are installed by us in the conventional manner using stone materials of various qualities and fireproof compounds available in cast, compressed and Torcrete cement versions.

Working with ceramic fibre mats and fibre modules has long been an important part of our range of services.

To enable us to provide this wide range of quality services within our timescales, our company employs a motivated and well trained specialist workforce.

We have highly experienced specialist engineers who handle the appropriate construction planning.

Our range of services includes the new construction, repair and demolition of tower chimneys.

It goes without saying that we have available all the necessary construction machinery and equipment technology required to carry out our work.