Industriebau Esser - Feuerungsbau - Schornsteinbau

Iron and Steel Industry

ESSER has been working in the field of fireproof construction for the iron and steel industry for many decades and has installed many facilities including the following types:

  • Holding furnaces
  • Iron and Steel IndustryRotating hearth or rotary table furnaces
  • Pusher furnaces
  • Walking beam furnaces
  • Forging furnaces
  • Bogie hearth furnaces
  • Annealing and tempering plant
  • Rotary continuous furnaces
  • Box and tunnel furnaces
  • Pig iron mixers
  • E-furnace installation
  • Distributor installation
  • Converter installation
  • Distributor chutes
  • Ladle installation
  • Hood type furnaces
  • Crucible furnaces
  • Other facilities

We also work in the steel industry as a full-line service provider and in the past we have consequently been able to achieve great success in integrated steel works.